Robert Colt is an innovator and pioneer in his field. Actors consider Robert's acting classes to be groundbreaking, exhilarating and a blast! 

Robert is dedicated to truth and the Art of Not Acting. With tremendous skill, art and passion he's able to see what each actor specifically needs to grow and prosper in their craft and career. Robert's unique ability to recognize your unseen blocks and guide you past them naturally opens you to self-trust, truth, spontaneity and your talent.


Robert is a remarkable empowerer. Many, for the first time in their lives, finally feel they're being seen. The effect this has on their confidence and artistic growth is remarkable. Robert is deeply trusted by those who work with him because they know he's on their side and will never enable their limitations or false beliefs. His honesty and commitment to actors is rare. And he's a fun and funny guy!


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"Honesty and vulnerability bring great power to performances."

—Robert Colt

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Friday In Person L.A.

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11AM - 5PM


10AM - 3PM