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"The art of acting is   not to act."

—Anthony Hopkins

The Art of Not Acting is a revolutionary class for working professionals, soon to be working professionals and those talents who are dedicated to artistic excellence. There are currently three classes to choose from, depending on availability.

The actors I work with find my classes to be electric, empowering and life and career changing. These talented actors contribute to an inspiring artistic environment in which everyone's truth is passionately encouraged and celebrated. This environment fosters the courage to move past the domestication of cultural conditioning into the extraordinary ANIMAL that you are. 

Class Times
Los Angeles 


Thursday     11AM - 4PM


Friday           11AM - 4PM

         *Saturday Zoom Class

                  11AM - 3PM


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"Actors hit false notes when they don’t trust that  what IS, is enough."

—Robert Colt

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Class Times

Thursday  11AM - 4PM 

Friday     11AM - 4PM

*Saturday Zoom Class

11AM - 3PM

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