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"The art of acting is not to act."

                           Anthony Hopkins

My classes are for working professionals, soon to be working professionals, and actors who are dedicated to truth and excellence. There are currently three classes to choose from, depending on availability.

The process to join my class is first with an interview which can be done via zoom. Depending on your background and training a monologue may be required as well. 

The talented actors in my classes contribute to an inspiring artistic environment in which everyone's truth is passionately encouraged and celebrated


"Being a great actor is determined by your talent, craft, courage and ability to explore, feel and express the truth of your character in the story."  
Robert Colt

The Cost is $350 for Four Classes per month. You work every class on average from 40-60 minutes.



If you miss a class, for a legitimate reason, you can make it up or work twice in a class. If you are in my in person class you can also make it up in my Zoom class.



Sometimes an actor works twice in class without missing a class. This extra work in class will then count towards a future missed class.

Class Times
Los Angeles 


Thursday     NOON - 5PM PST

         *Friday Zoom Class

              NOON - 4PM PST


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"Actors hit false notes when they don’t trust that  what IS, is enough."

—Robert Colt

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Class Times

Thursday  11AM - 4PM 

*Friday Zoom Class


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