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Being in Rob's class is the best thing that's happened to me as an actor, and more importantly, as a human being. Rob has the incredible gift of recognizing your "blocks" and brings them to your awareness. And, he has this uncanny ability to guide you through them! The way he allows freedom and exploration in scenes with no pressure for performance is like no other class I've ever been in. Rob will go down in history as one of the most innovative, and inspiring acting teachers to ever live. I have finally found my teacher!"
—Matt Houston

"Roberts class "the Art of Not Acting" has not only changed my career but changed my life.  I finally know what it means to get out of my own way and really live freely in my truth.  I have studied with some of the finest teachers in LA, spending thousands and thousands of dollars but I always felt that there was something missing, something that was just a little off.  Robert teaches you how to be ruthlessly real and it's amazing how something as simple as telling your truth can make the performance come to life in ways I have never experienced.  People always ask me what His class is like, and I tell them it's hard to put into words. It’s like nothing I have ever been a part of or experienced before.  It's more then an acting class, it's a life class.  And when you learn to get out of your own way in life and to be authentically you with no apologies then it translates seamlessly to the stage or the camera.  Robert's approach to acting is so unique and different that it takes a lot of trust to truly reap the benefits, he's basically un-teaching all your training and getting you to your simple, unique wonderful self. Truly blessed to be his student and his friend."

​—Robert Aldredge

"Noise! Noise!! Noise!!! "She shoulda...we woulda...I coulda...aargh!!!" Why didn't it go the way I thought it would in my head?!? What can I do? Where do I go now? Robert Colt...the thoughts that don't belong are going away now...feelings are coming up that I never expected...I feel alive...this is the way it was meant to be...present...revealing...embracing....all of who I am in this spotlight...and I am not afraid...Thank You Robert!" 
—Frank Tran

"Robert's class will teach you to love the moment to moment in your work, and compel you to trust it, furthermore completely trusting yourself. For me, it has already been the most freeing work I've ever done for my craft."
—Beau Berglund​

"After retiring from professional tennis, I was uncertain as to the next step in my career.  6 months ago, I arrived Robert Colt's acting class shy, insecure, and lacking personal confidence. However, with his help, encouragement, and creativity, I, now, have the belief, vision, and budding skills to take my personal leap of faith into the creative arts.  Robert has pushed me, as an artist, toward excellence in ways that I did not know were possible, and I am excited to continue to have him in my corner for whatever comes next.  I recommended his class to anyone who wishes to raise the vibration, level, and probability of success in their careers and personal lives."
—Zeke Hindle

"Robert Colt has single-handedly reconnected me to my deep affinity for acting.  Like many actors, the industry had chipped away at my love for the craft with each passing year.  Then I stepped into the Art of Not Acting Studio.  Robert’s intuitive instructing is unlike any I’ve seen.  Even better, his bullshit meter is, bar none, the very best.  I watch in awe, week by week, the performances he’s able to bring out of his students.  I’d compare it to a skilled maestro conducting the most heartfelt symphony.  The performances are captivating.  His process is transformative.  The class is art in motion.  I got really lucky walking into this studio.  It has absolutely set me on fire."—Anastasia Antonia

"Since studying with Robert I have noticed a very fast and effortless transformation, both creatively and personally. As a heavily trained actress, I would often felt bogged down with a tendency to overwork, to push, to craft and to plan. I am now experiencing a level of freedom and ease with my work. Less stress, more spontaneity, trust, and fun. This, naturally, has crept into my personal life. I feel happier, lighter, and freer to be me!"
—Melissa Center

"Robert's class has brought my acting to another level, one where there is no "Act", just truth. Storytelling is an honor and when we bring our truth to characters they/we are alive and in the moment...there is no "ACT". It's one of the most important life lessons I've had yet to learn and to witness that truth in every class is a blessing."
—Christina Childress​

"Robert's class strengthens my center and awareness, and heightens my focus allowing me to be fully present in my work as an actor and in my day-to-day life. This approach will allow you to fully understand how to do this too. It’s all here in this class!"
—Joseph Callari​

"Robert Colt creates a supportive, fun and mind-blowing environment at the Art of Not Acting Studio, where you can always come to explore the truth. This is the life-changing "Artist's Gym" I have been waiting to work out and practice my art form in! The knowledge and experiences Robert shares is reassuring and eye-opening. Every week I attend class, I discover new intuitions and strengths within myself that I thus then carry with me out into the real world. His techniques are brilliantly simple, helpful and exciting! He focuses on self-caring and staying in the core of the truth by tapping into your inner-being and allowing yourself to trust your instincts; getting out of your head and out of your way, so the emotions and story can move freely through you. I already have noticed a significant shift in my confidence, serenity, and enjoyment with pursuing a career in entertainment. Thank you Robert, for helping me gain the courage to simply and beautifully just be.”
—Mary Rachel Gardner

"Working with Robert has helped me open up to my truth, my trust, and the usually uncomfortable feelings that follow. Not just "in the room", so to speak, but in everyday life. I can't express the profound sense of thankfulness I have for the universe leading me to this conscious process from which I reap ever increasing rewards. Life wasn't made to be easy, all it can be is real, and with Robert's guidance, I feel ever more present with what is real rather than the hellish fantasy world in my mind.”
—Molly Sharpe​

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