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"If you risk nothing, you risk everything."

                    Geena Davis

The "Artist's Gym" is the place where you, the actor, are free to discover and explore the truth of your character and soul of the story. It's this process that develops true artistic integrity because your focus is on fulfilling and honoring the two most important aspects of being an actor; the story and your character. 


As you develop these artistic muscles you won't be concerned with how you're doing or wanting approval and validation from the outside. Your care and concern will completely shift to being devoted to your character and the circumstances he or she is in along with the style of the writing. When this is combined with trusting what's spontaneously unfolding between you and the other actors you're working with you are playing at the rarest of levels of honesty.


This is how to have a successful, empowering and lasting acting career.

"All you can do is be in the moment. When you try to 

make something happen it never works."

Robert DeNiro

Mark Twain.jpg

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

—Mark Twain

I will show you, in The Artist's Gym, how to develop inner artistic muscles that build remarkable trust and confidence in venturing forth in a creative exploration of text and truth that produces the most exciting, unpredictable and memorable actors.

"It was only when I realized how actors have the power to move people

that I decided to pursue acting as a career." 

—Kate Blanchett


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"Risk Simplicity."
—Robert Colt

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Class Times


         Thursday NOON - 5PM PST


          *Friday  Zoom Class                                NOON - 4PM PST

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