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"If you risk nothing, you risk everything."

                    Geena Davis

There is no in between or half measures in truth in Acting. It's you, as the actor, risking everything for the truth. With this comes a deep sense of fulfillment because you're honoring what the joy and art of acting has always been about! 


"All you can do is be in the moment. When you try to

make something happen it never works."

—Robert DeNiro

Mark Twain.jpg

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

—Mark Twain

I will show you, in what I call The Artist's Gym, how to develop inner artistic muscles that build remarkable trust and confidence in venturing forth in a creative exploration of text and truth that produces the most exciting, unpredictable and memorable actors.


 Acting is an emotional art form. You'll learn the art of interpreting a script that moves you emotionally into the truth of the circumstances and character. This is critical as most script interpretation leaves you in your head whereas I'll show you how to be deeply affected through understanding, feeling and experiencing the heart of the story.

"It was only when I realized how actors have the power to move people

that I decided to pursue acting as a career." 

—Kate Blanchett


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"Risk Simplicity."
—Robert Colt

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Class Times


         Thursday NOON - 5PM PST


          *Friday  Zoom Class                                NOON - 4PM PST

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