"Love art in yourself, not yourself in art."


The Ever-Changing Moment 

Life, no matter how it may appear to be the same, never repeats itself and is in constant change and flux. The creative life force, like the ocean, is forever flowing with one momentary wave of newness arising and subsiding after another. We hit false notes in life and in art when we want what IS arising to be different from what IS arising. Life and Art are not two. They are ONE. Each time you work with the text-truth, whether for the first time or the fiftieth, it's truly always for the first time or you could say for the

NEW time.    


To surf the waves of ever-changing truth is exhilarating and daring because you have to let go of the illusion of control. It does you, you don't do it. Let go of the known and you'll explore the vast creative currents of the unknown. Hold on to what you already know and you'll crash into the banks of mediocrity and predictability.  There is no in between or half measures in art. Art is a life lived fully in great trust and pushes the boundaries of what is known. It's important to repeat, from the previous page, that trust is based on your first nine month in the womb and first nine months out of the womb. 


An amazing thing happens when you let go and let flow. You feel as if you're not "doing" anything. In Taoism they call this "Wu Wei." It means doing without doing, action without action. It's the ultimate in the


Art of Not Acting

With this comes a deep sense of fulfillment because you were taken on a creative ride and you're profoundly amused because you were the muse. I see it all the time in my Art of Not Acting classes.


"Don't play the saxophone. Let the saxophone play you."

—Charlie "Bird" Parker


"I learned how to be a film actor when they said action, I didn't have to do anything."

—Marlon Brando

Mark Twain.jpg

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

—Mark Twain

I will show you, in what I call The Artist's Gym, how to develop inner artistic muscles that build remarkable trust and confidence in venturing forth in a creative exploration of text and truth that produces the most exciting, unpredictable and memorable Not Acting Artists.  

"A lie is profanity. A lie is the worst thing in the world. Art is the ability to tell the truth." 

—Richard Pryor


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"Risk Simplicity."
—Robert Colt

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