"Love art in yourself, not yourself in art."


Most people don't know that Stanislavski, considered the father of American Acting, studied the Yoga of India as part of his artistic exploration. Love in India means to be one with. Yoga means union with. In both meanings there's no room for pride or ego. 


To appreciate this in greater depth and on an artistic level, to love art in yourself means to be in union with the creative flow that unfolds momentary wave by momentary wave. To surf these creative waves is an intuitive, instinctive and effortless act but it does require letting go of the effort to hold onto everything you've learned. You cannot be in the creative flow and your mind at the same time.  

"Luke, you must unlearn all that you have learned."


You have to be in union (yoga) with the creative force. Interestingly, George Lucas got the name Yoda from Yoga. Hmmmm.

The greatest challenge you face in surfing the creative flow is twofold. First, there are unconscious blocks to the creative flow within your nervous system that must be brought into your conscious awareness. Then, and this is crucial, you'll need the right "tools" for you to disengage from these blocks. I know many powerful techniques for dissolving these blocks and will work closely with you in supporting this incredible process. If you're committed to getting our of your own way I promise you'll have the opportunity to have this happen in my Art of Not Acting class. It's a rare occurrence to discover someone who can both facilitate the delicate process of getting out of your own way while simultaneously imparting a career changing and powerful way to work as an artist. 

Second, and this is big, you have to have the courage to take off your "acting training" wheels if you want true artistic freedom. Why? Because, paradoxically, it's our very "acting training" that becomes the unspoken crutch that gets in the way of our innate instincts, aliveness and authenticity. While that training was a necessary step in your process and progress, it's imperative to let it go if you want to grow as an artist and reach your full potential. Basically, it's time to update the software from "acting" to NOT ACTING.


"Just as a pole vaulter has to let go of the pole to get over the bar you have to let go of the teachings and techiques to get to the other side." 

—Baba Prakashananda Maharaj


I will show you, in what I call The Artist's Gym, how to develop inner artistic muscles that build remarkable trust and confidence in venturing forth in a creative exploration of text and truth that produces the most exciting, unpredictable and memorable 
Not Acting Artists.  

"A lie is profanity. A lie is the worst thing in the world. Art is the ability to tell the truth." 

—Richard Pryor

Loving art in yourself IS the love of TRUTH, which IS the way of the NOT ACTOR, which IS the way of THE ARTIST which is the way of LOVE.


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"Risk Simplicity."

—Robert Colt

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