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"A true nothing is way more powerful than a false something."

—Robert Colt

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"Acting is a wild ride, shared in the company

of other actors."

—Diane Keaton

Art is the dedication to truth and the finest actors are honest, courageous, primal and unyielding in their commitment to truth and the joyful spirit of exploration.


To be true to oneself and your art is a generous act. It's generous to yourself, the text, your fellow collaborators and to your audiences. It's the ultimate key to self-respect, self-confidence and self-expression.

Truth is the heartbeat of acting! 


*Audits Available

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"Robert's mission is to bring out the character you are ready to be. It's big canvas coaching. You will grow as an artist and be thrilled by the process. He's not a hand holder but meets the ripe, mature actor who is willing to find his/her wings. I've loved working with him. We are born to do what we do...but Robert helps us be what we are meant to be. As the great high wire artist Philippe Petit once said, 'Limits exist only in the souls of those who do not dream.' Robert Colt works in places where our dreams meet light...then we layer by layer embody what we are meant to be. For me he's helping me shimmer like a harp, vibrating, I don't ask why...I find that fucking exciting"

—Robert Wisdom, Actor

 "Barry" "The Alienist"  "Ballers" "The Dark Knight Rises"

The Art of Not Acting is a revolutionary class for working professionals, soon to be working professionals and those talents who are dedicated to artistic excellence and joyful expression. There are currently two classes to choose from, depending on availability. 

"It’s my perspective that acting is ultimately about the joy, courage and passion of mining for truths that are universal to us all.

- Robert Colt

Our work

"The art of acting is not to act."

—Anthony Hopkins

Class Times

    Thursday  NOON - 5PM PST

           *Friday Zoom Class 

              NOON - 4PM PST


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"You book the great roles by being ruthlessly, unapologetically real."
—Robert Colt

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Class Times

        Thursdays & Fridays

                11AM - 4PM

        *Saturday Zoom Class

                11AM - 3PM

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