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"Honesty and Vulnerability bring great power to performances."

—Robert Colt

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Art is the dedication to truth and the "not acting" actor is unapologetic, courageous and unyielding in their commitment to truth. To be true to oneself and your art is a generous act. It's generous to yourself, the text, your fellow collaborators and to your audiences. It's the ultimate key to self-respect, self-confidence and self-expression. Truth is the heartbeat of The Art of Not Acting.


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"It is with deep perceptiveness and vulnerability the most profoundly human experience in acting is created. Robert leads an exceptional class in "not-acting' and simply being. I can see how deeply connected this work is to being human and communicating the human experience through storytelling. Robert's gentle, honest and radiant energy is palpable as he encourages the most authentic approach to being with a scene partner I've ever seen."

—Emily Vere Nicoll

The Art of Not Acting is unique in both it's revolutionary approach to craft and in having the most powerful tools anywhere in assisting the artist in getting out of their own way. Many people have been told they have to get out of their own way but very rarely does anyone truly experience what it is to be out of one's own way. You cannot get there just by hearing someone say, "You have to get out of your own way." You need specific techniques specific to you and that are the right fit for you. Then, and only then, can you get out of your own way. 

​This remarkable approach that combines The Art of Not Acting with Getting Out of Your Own Way was developed over a 34 year period and the talent who are in these classes are blown away by what happens on a class by class, weekly basis. 

The Art of Not Acting is a revolutionary class for working professionals, soon to be working professionals and those talents who are dedicated to artistic excellence. There are two classes to choose from, depending on availability. 



"It’s my perspective that acting is ultimately about joy. If you’re on Broadway people don’t say ‘I’m going to see a seriousness tonight.’ They say I’m going to see a play. Film is not called the “heavy” industry. It’s called the entertainment industry."

- Robert Colt

Interviewed by Corey Parker of THE ACTORS WORK Blog

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"The art of acting is not to act."

—Anthony Hopkins

Class Times




11am - 6:30pm

11am - 6:30pm


Robert Colt's Art of Not Acting Studio

"You book the great roles by being ruthlessly, unapologetically real."

—Robert Colt

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Class Times





11am - 6:30pm

11am - 6:30pm

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